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Why Choose Pierian for Internal Audit Services?

Pierian offers bespoke internal audit services that align with your business’s unique needs and culture. With a sector-specific focus, we address evolving audit expectations and heightened stakeholder demands. Our approach involves an in-depth analysis of your organisation’s behaviour implementing controls for comprehensive improvements.

As your Internal Audit partner, we enhance process efficiency, detect fraud, strengthen internal controls, and ensure regulatory compliance. Pierian elevates the value of your Internal Audit function by reinforcing quality, flexibility, and efficiency.

We also help you expand your Internal Audit oversight to understand key enterprise risks, including evolving technologies. Our mature IA service is designed to deliver global value, offering flexible and scalable solutions for your desired future IA capabilities.

Pierian’s professionals are skilled at risk identification, thinking like business managers, and extending beyond traditional audit boundaries. We collaborate with specialists in cybersecurity, ESG, regulation, and more, using the latest digital tools to align with critical areas efficiently.

Choose Pierian for a confident and insightful journey in enhancing your Internal Audit function within the complexities of modern business.

What Internal Audit Services does Pierian offer?

Our comprehensive suite of Internal Audit Services includes:

Risk-Based Audit and Process Reviews

  • Conducting thorough audits and process reviews to pinpoint potential risk and opportunity areas.
  • Utilising industry-specific insights to tailor our approach and focus on critical risk and control matters relevant to your sector.

Data Analytics Integration

  • Leveraging advanced business data analytics techniques to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our audits.
  • Providing more profound insights and uncovering patterns that traditional methods may overlook adds significant value to your organisation's assurance processes.

Business Enhancement Strategies

  • Aligning risk assessment and control measures with your critical business imperatives to drive strategic growth and success.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and recommending specialised solutions to optimise your business processes while mitigating risks effectively

Internal Audit Strategy and Effectiveness Advisory

  • We help organisations enhance the effectiveness of their Internal Audit Function by offering transformational activities and strategy development. This includes conducting independent reviews to assess compliance with Institute of Internal Auditor (IIA) Standards, comparing practices to leading standards, and evaluating performance based on stakeholder needs.

Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing

  • We assist clients by fully outsourcing or co-sourcing their Internal Audit activities, ensuring flexibility in deploying Internal Audit capabilities.

Business Process/Internal Control Review(ICR)

  • We conduct thorough reviews of existing business processes to identify gaps and improvement opportunities, ultimately defining the desired state aligned with business objectives.

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Common Questions People Ask About Internal Audit Services

The internal audit process involves a systematic examination of an organisation’s operations, assessing risks, and ensuring compliance. It plays a critical role in enhancing business performance.

Internal Audit is vital for evaluating and improving an organisation’s processes, mitigating risks, and ensuring regulatory compliance. It enhances transparency and accountability.

Financial Audit primarily focuses on the accuracy of financial statements, while Internal Audit encompasses a broader scope, including operational and risk assessments.

Risk assessment in internal Audit evaluates potential threats and vulnerabilities to an organisation, providing insights to prioritise audit areas.

Operational Audit identifies areas for process improvement, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the effectiveness of operational activities.

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