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Over the years, Pierian has effectively grown into a wholistic knowledge-driven consultative partner that drives value across the corporate business functions. However, it has not deviated from its core capability of being a trustworthy and efficient managed service provider in the businesses of Finance & Accounting Process, Business Process Management, People Practice, and Assurance.


Creating a sustainable environment and a feeling of belongingness with our community


Establishing and Empowering ownership, transparency, and autonomy


Continuously striving to offer and encourage an enriching experience for all stakeholders


Meanwhile: While the World exited the Y2K problem era, the Dot-com bubble burst and we also saw the Enron scandal. The compliance failures led to the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Consulting.


Accounting / Regulatory Compliance

Pierian was born to address the growing needs of Multinational Enterprises to establish Captive Centers in India.

Process Consulting / Risk Practice

Used the learnings in Controls and Risk Framework to package Internal Controls and Risk Framework in our BPM Service Line for Growth Companies.


Meanwhile: Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, leading to the Financial Industry Meltdown. The Global economy was pushed into a recession and business continuity became a challenge with increasing costs. At the same time, we had the Tech Revolution and rise of Start Ups in India.


Overseas Operations

Pierian spotted opportunities in overseas markets and hence set up operations in Singapore, the Middle East and the United States.


Set up a joint venture to establish an offshore delivery center for a billion-dollar entity in the Middle East, spanning a broad spectrum of services.

Start-up Consulting

Set up the Consulting Practice to support Start-ups, some of which grew to be Unicorns, and leveraged technology for business process improvements.


Meanwhile: There was the Digital Transformation, including the Start Up boom and the E-commerce revolution, closely followed by the New Age Tech revolution with Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).


Data Analytics

Forayed into Data Analytics by building a highly complex analytics tool for the travel domain. This helped the world’s leading Global distribution system to support their clients in the Middle Estern region, thereby providing deep insights into the operations.​

Acquired a Data Analytics Company in Singapore to strengthen its analytics capabilities and service offerings.


Signed up a major client in the Middle East for Digital Transformation. Also laid the foundation for building digital capabilities, including AI and ML.


Meanwhile: The pandemic led to labor shortages and disruption in major economies. The Hybrid Work Models were established, and there was an explosion in Direct-to-consumer (D2C) Brands and Businesses.


Global Partnership

Partnered with one of the World’s Top 10 Accounting firms to establish a dedicated offshore delivery center in India to support their Assurance, Taxation and Managed Services.

Assurance / Risk Consulting

Set up a new joint venture in the US to tap into the opportunities brought about by the pandemic.

Digital Consulting

Acquired a Chennai-based Digital company to broad base and further strengthen its tech capabilities for supporting its existing service lines.

Managed Services for E-commerce

Capitalized on the E-commerce explosion in India by signing up with top sellers on a leading marketplace for their entire F&A services (P2P, O2C, R2R, Taxation and FP&A).


Meanwhile: While Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors come to the forefront, AI / ML based solutions also matured in the areas of our service lines.


Plan to enter into ESG as a service.

Large-scale implementation of Robotic Process Automation, AI and Data Analytics based solutions in mundane processes.

Aim to challenge the status quo to help radically redefine the way manual processes can be transformed into automated processes using new-age technology.

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