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Our experts at Pierian have tax-efficient, compliant strategies and solutions for all your domestic and cross-border transactions.

Guiding your organization through the complex alleys of tax and transfer pricing

We critically evaluate the client’s business operations to identify potential areas of improvement, risks, and control gaps. We then co-create solutions by redefining risks, controls, key performance indicators, and segregation of duties.

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One of our niche services at Pierian, is consulting for multinational companies based on our expertise in corporate tax and transfer pricing. We at Pierian are well positioned, with a team of experienced, qualified experts to help you to navigate the complex, constantly changing, and sometimes obscure rules that govern accounting, tax, and transfer practices as they relate to your business or company. Our tailored solutions include planning, policymaking, implementation, robust documentation, and compliance. We also assist clients who need to appear before revenue and appellate authorities. As documentation on transfer pricing arrangements becomes stricter worldwide, we help our clients make the shift from compliance to strategic risk management smoothly. The drive for transparency is here to stay, and a need for consistency across all tax and transfer documentation and processes which our global team of transfer pricing experts can help you to streamline. As we are a dynamic organization with key compliance capabilities, we specialize in assisting clients in corporate decision-making at different stages of inter-company transactions by providing tailored solutions and policymaking, and implementation. Through our team of advisory experts, you can take stock of new regulatory, policy, and enforcement changes, assess gaps in current transfer pricing, and create a transfer pricing documentation strategy for the foreseeable future.


Covid Impact on Automobile Sector

The automobile field had already undergone significant delay due to structural modification openings with goods and services tax and axle-load reforms. Want to read the full report?

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