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We provide high quality audits that assess the impact on critical business issues, going beyond the traditional focus on financial results and controls

Anticipating risks and accelerating action in tune with emerging technologies and changing business models

We critically evaluate the client’s business operations to identify potential areas of improvement, risks, and control gaps. We then co-create solutions by redefining risks, controls, key performance indicators, and segregation of duties.

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Our internal audit teams deliver insight and quality in equal measure with a sector-specific approach. In keeping with the changing expectations from audits, given the increasing stakeholder demands, we tailor our solutions to match individual business needs and organizational culture. We help you look deeper into behavioral patterns within the organization, and embed controls that promote improvements all round. Our services include:
  • Risk-based audit and process reviews
  • Industry/sector insights with a focus on risk and control issues
  • Integration of data analytics to provide increased efficiency, assurance and value
  • Business improvement, through risk assessment and controls linked to business imperatives
  • Optimisation of processes to reduce inefficiencies and reduce cost


Covid Impact on Retail and E-commerce

The retail industry was able to attain 93% of the pre-Covid sales in Feb 2021 as per the Retailers Association of India. Want to read the full report?

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A large technology platform Company with an acquisition growth
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