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Our audit approach is carefully calibrated to improve risk management, controls, treatments, and governance processes across your various departments.

Setting up an effective audit process to help your organization remain compliant

We critically evaluate the client’s business operations to identify potential areas of improvement, risks, and control gaps. We then co-create solutions by redefining risks, controls, key performance indicators, and segregation of duties.

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Today audits are more than a statutory requirement and go beyond the financial statements. High-quality audits are the building blocks of a transparent capital market, critical to ensuring investor confidence. We use a risk-based audit methodology of combing industry knowledge and technology to step up the audit from mere compliance to the overall financial health check. With our diligence and attention to detail, we help to enhance audit effectiveness and efficiency.

Through our efficient use of data analytics and other audit capabilities, we channel your financial data to bring out key business and financial insights that help you be better geared to address the ever-evolving business complexities and ensure regulatory compliance, to assist you to manage your future goals and aspirations.

Whether you’re seeking a detailed understanding of your financial position, planning to go public, or building stakeholder trust, our team of audit experts will provide you with an enhanced audit experience by combining industry experience, skills, and audit innovations.

Our pursuit of audit quality is at the center of Pierian’s culture of continuous improvement and innovation to foster long-term client relationships and bring about sustainable growth.

Our scope of services include:

  1. Financial Statement Audit
  2. Compilation and Review Engagements
  3. Employee Benefit Plans
  4. Not for Profit Audits
  5. Agreed Upon Procedures


Covid Impact on Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector was severely hit by the pandemic as global lockdowns significantly eroded the potential buyer-base in the market.

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