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Our dedicated specialists can address your most challenging valuation issues with the right blend of analysis, experience, and professional judgement.

Offering your key business stakeholders a greater visibility through fair value reporting.

We critically evaluate the client’s business operations to identify potential areas of improvement, risks, and control gaps. We then co-create solutions by redefining risks, controls, key performance indicators, and segregation of duties.

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Pierian Services

By combining our sophisticated methodologies with our niche finance and accounting expertise, we offer our clients the most credible valuation services and solutions. Our valuation advisors use real-time data, deep-dive research, and tech-based solutions. The Pierian method is to adopt a sector-led approach and consider global trends as well as local market insights to give you the big picture. We also integrate our strong Pierian values of ambitious, yet ethical growth and the ability to capitalize on opportunities but never at the cost of our customer’s and stakeholders’ best interests.

When businesses need an objective, independent and reliable assessment of value, they look to Pierian as we understand the dynamics of fair value measurement and have access to relevant resources. Our network of associated companies is equipped to address region-specific challenges and manage regulatory, reporting, and risk exposure across Asia, ASEAN, the Middle East, and the US. We are also able to draw on extensive experience covering a broad range of industries, as our specialized practitioners can provide perspectives on value as well as assist in interpreting the impact on transaction, structuring, deal-making, and risk management strategies.


Thin Capitalization Rules

The Income-tax Act (“ITA”) curbs companies from enjoying excessive interest deductions. Want to read the full report?

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