Why Your Recruitment Outsourcing Partner Must Be a Technology

A lot of companies have come to appreciate that, without a solid technological foundation, their recruiting outsourcing initiatives may not be as successful as they would like

Why Your Recruitment Outsourcing Partner Must Be a Technology

Why Your Recruitment Outsourcing Partner Must Be a Technology Expert?

Earlier, companies stressed cost savings, accelerated talent acquisition, and a broadened candidate reach as the main parameters of success for their recruitment outsourcing initiatives. While these factors still hold true, a new appreciation is developing for the outsourcing partner’s technology expertise.

A lot of companies have come to appreciate that, without a solid technological foundation, their recruiting outsourcing initiatives may not be as successful as they would like. The following list of top recruitment technologies testifies to the importance of technology in talent acquisition.

Top Recruitment Technologies    

Here are some of the most popular technologies used by recruitment outsourcing companies:

  • Assessment tools: Over 76% of companies with more than 100 employees rely on assessment tools. These tools are used to assess various workplace tendencies like work ethics, cognitive abilities, and personality.
  • Video interviewing: This speeds up the recruitment process significantly. Video interviewing solutions (live or recorded) help hiring teams to fill open positions faster while creating a convenient hiring experience for the candidates.  
  • Applicant tracking system: Most businesses use applicant tracking systems to manage candidates’ recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. Automating the entire process saves the company a lot of time, cost, and resources.
  • Mobile recruitment: Since most candidates utilize mobile devices to look for jobs, companies must leverage mobile recruitment.
  • Resume screening tools: These tools help review resumes for the keywords relevant to open job positions. This proves effective and reduces hassle when companies need to screen a large number of resumes in a short period.
  • Social recruitment: As it stands, about 92% of organizations leverage social media for hiring. Much can be attributed to the fact that most candidates use platforms like LinkedIn to search for a job.

Why Your Recruitment Outsourcing Partner Must Be a Technology Expert?

With all sectors digitally transforming, it is essential that the recruitment outsourcing partner you work with is a technology expert. Such a partnership can deliver several benefits such as – 

Fast Recruitment Cycles

An automated screening and tracking system shortens each step of the recruitment process, limiting the overall hiring time to just a few days. If the recruitment outsourcing partner is adept at it leveraging such interventions, they can publish jobs, process applications, conduct online interviews, and send automated responses to candidates immediately. This places the hiring team in a position of efficiency and authority over the recruiting process.

Less Risk for a Bad Match

Apart from speeding up the process, technology makes it easier to reduce employee turnover by helping avoid candidate mismatches. Again, for instance, by leveraging the applicant tracking system for resume parsing and comparing the candidate’s qualifications with the job description, partners can discard unqualified profiles without sifting through countless resumes. Naturally, the costs associated with hiring and onboarding a new candidate is also drastically reduced.

Better Productivity

The recruitment outsourcing partner can use technology solutions to manage candidate information, compile relevant data, streamline social sharing, and much more. As such, they can lessen human intervention on tasks that are repetitive in nature, thus, paving the way for time efficiency and better productivity.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

It is vital to ensure a positive candidate experience at all stages of the recruitment process. When the recruitment outsourcing partner leverages technology, they can engage candidates, manage an efficient filing process, customize most of the processes to meet specific hiring objectives, and much more. Using technology also helps comprehend industry trends like salary expectations, preferred modes of communication, and high-demand profiles. This information is invaluable when a hiring team is building an effective recruitment strategy.

Knowing Where to Source Candidates

The recruitment outsourcing partner can mine data using the latest analytics tools to identify the best talent pools across different channels. By knowing the sources of potential candidates, businesses can utilize their valuable time more efficiently. For example, if most candidates are sourced from LinkedIn, the company can start advertising, posting job openings, and conducting recruitment events on that channel. This can considerably increase the quality of hires and save on the time spent sourcing candidates from other channels that might not be as effective.

Better Candidate Reach & Employer Branding Opportunity

At the end of the day, companies want to hire the best talent possible. Recruitment technology experts let you reach out to global talent pools, assess them properly, and select only those who match well with your company’s requirements. Plus, your company gains from a better branding opportunity. If a recruitment outsourcing partner is adept at leveraging the power of technology, they can leverage their resources in a smarter way to help a hiring team build meaningful partnerships.

Added Value and Innovation

Engaging with a tech expert recruitment partner can provide immediate access to technology, branding, recruitment planning, assessment, and engagement experts. Besides the aforementioned, technical expertise can come in handy for online skill assessment tests, filtering the candidates, and conducting video interviews seamlessly. This expertise can improve hiring quality, boost employee retention rates, and ultimately provide a competitive edge to your organization.

Get Started with a Technology Expert Recruitment Partner

As elucidated above, using technology in the recruitment process offers many benefits and helps companies recruit better, faster, and cheaper. So, it makes all the more sense to team up with a recruitment outsourcing partner that comprehends the latest trends, is adept at implementing technology solutions, and has the expertise to help recruit in close harmony with the company’s needs.

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