The Era of Great Opportunities – How to Make the Most of it

The Era of Great Opportunities – How to Make the Most of it

In the past several months’ employee data across the globe has indicated massive waves of resignation and reshuffling. Employees are taking a relook at their lives and careers, with the pandemic-induced decline in financial, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing plaguing society. Many are calling it the era of ‘Great Resignation’.

At Pierian Services, a high-growth organization with values that put employees first, the current hiring market can only be termed as the era of ‘Great Opportunities’ for any prospective employees. As opportunities grow, the burden of finding the right fit (or grabbing the best possible opportunity out there) becomes key for the candidates exploring them. It is also important to remember that with the increasing scarcity in the talent pool, employers will go the extra mile to hire someone who stands out in the interview as being the most promising candidate. For those who lack experience in interview skills, or those who have not been exploring the markets in the last few years and are out of touch, it is imperative to understand how trends have changed and what is it that interviewers now will look for.

In this article, we share some of the skills beyond the necessary technical and domain experience that we focus on in our hiring process:

Communication and Teamwork:

Communication is the foundation of all team activities. Your ability to communicate effectively on your previous experiences, expectations, and career aspirations during the interview will enable us to gauge your capabilities to be effective in future team and project communications. Good communication through all official and unofficial channels like email, meetings, team calls, and presentations among team members creates better-synergized workplaces. It eliminates misconceptions and ambiguity surrounding task assignments, feedback, and general communication.

Attitude and Initiative
An employee with a positive attitude and enthusiasm is an asset to any employer. Our interview process identifies employee attitudes that are solution-focused and optimistic in conversation. These are necessary traits in team and client interactions. Enthusiasm and initiative are infectious in teams, increasing engagement and cooperation among employees. Initiatives can be built by being participative, requesting feedback on your work, and volunteering for assignments in new areas.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
Problem-solving is a necessary thought process for career growth in the industry. We look for people who are able to identify, analyze and articulate a problem; find the primary cause and alternative solutions; implement the solution, and recheck the results. Cultivate these skills with regular trials and implementation.

Decision-making is an important aspect of problem-solving where all outcomes of a solution and timelines have to be considered before deciding on implementation. It is a necessary skill for everyone to have. Decision-making is linked with team collaborations, ethics, and evaluation capabilities. The more you expose yourself to decision-making, the more efficient one becomes at this skill. Our hiring process focuses on these necessary skills which are needed in project challenges and everyday team working.

Critical Thinking and Innovation

Technical Projects need critical thinking and Innovation for the challenges encountered every day. Critical thinking, when combined with innovation, can bring about unique and effective solutions, creating customer delight and new project implementation processes.

Critical thinking involves the analysis of data, facts, and evidence around an issue, situation, or problem. To develop these skills, one has to be analytical and creative in thought, open-minded and self-evaluative, consistently curious, and asking thoughtful questions about issues. Innovation, when combined with critical thinking, takes organizations and client deliveries to a higher level of efficiency, and helps team leaders make informed decisions. By dealing with issues through new approaches and continually trying new methods of implementation, one can make innovation a way of work.

Collaboration and Learning
Collaborating effectively projects your emotional intelligence in the workplace. Collaboration is the powerhouse for team performance. When an employee is collaborative they communicate effectively, actively listen to others, respecting the diversity and boundaries of others. They take responsibility for task delivery and mistakes committed. Collaboration busts silos of operation and builds trust among team members. Learning from others is the by-product of collaboration. Willingness and interest to learn and implement processes and technology are essential for personal and team growth. We place collaborative skills and learning mindset as essential skills since teams can achieve high performance and client satisfaction only through collaboration. Cultivate and hone these skills by practicing this daily with all your interpersonal interactions.

At Pierian Services, we have an ongoing focus on people and a culture to nurture the talent in every employee. We enable a blending of interpersonal skills through opportunities to teamwork, use innovation, and continuous learning. Over time, as you grow in your career this creates behavioral changes which can impact, inspire, and influence co-workers and teams.

If long-term growth is what you aspire to, explore the option of being a part of the team at Pierian Services. Our people-centric culture and values resonate with the way we do business and interact with clients and employees. Become a part of this culture by taking the first step to walk into an interview with Pierian Services and take your career to new heights!


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