The Most Common Fresher Hiring Challenges of Organizations

In both multinational corporations and small-scale businesses, freshers are welcomed and employed for a variety of positions. A report by TeamLease states that 59% of Indian employers plan to hire employees fresh out of college by the end of 2022.

The Most Common Fresher Hiring Challenges of Organizations

The Most Common Fresher Hiring Challenges of Organizations 

(and How Future Ready Talent Solutions Provide the Answer)

In both multinational corporations and small-scale businesses, freshers are welcomed and employed for a variety of positions. A report by TeamLease states that 59% of Indian employers plan to hire employees fresh out of college by the end of 2022. However, a number of difficulties often present themselves shortly after or while hiring freshers. If these problems are not handled proactively the business may experience a loss in productivity, performance, efficiency and most importantly brand loyalty.

Let’s examine these potential issues with hiring freshers and how well-planned strategic talent solutions can assist you in resolving them.

Fresher Hiring Challenges Faced by Organizations

Skill Gap and No Industry Experience

Those entering the workforce as freshers right out of college or in their senior year may lack certain skills that an organization needs. Numerous recruiters have observed that freshers’ resumes tend to be overly embellished and contain few elements that could suggest their suitability for a specific role. Understandably, freshers also aren’t aware of the ideal skill set for the job they are applying for.

No Understanding of the Role

Again, since freshers don’t have any dedicated experience in the respective field, they aren’t usually aware of the different skills and responsibilities that various roles entail. The problem is compounded by the fact that they don’t necessarily pay as much attention to the job descriptions as they should. Due to the intense pressure to land a job, many recent graduates may neglect to look out for the exact requirements of a job or may fail to understand the role scope. This creates a difficult situation for hiring managers, leading to misinterpretations or a mismatch in expectations down the line.

Little to No Understanding of the Professional World

An undergraduate will have a limited understanding of the professional world’s workings and how to act or react in various circumstances. Recruiters have to weed through a variety of candidates who may have marginal alignment of the requisite skills, varying ideas on how to present themselves, approach businesses, or communicate with the appropriate authority. This can cause conflict, making the experience unpleasant for both parties.

Retention Challenges

It has been well established that retaining top talent is difficult – even more so if they have just entered the workforce. That’s because they may be more volatile or prone to looking for greener pastures. While that’s part of the world of work, it doesn’t bode well for an organization’s long-term goals. While carrying out fresher hiring, hiring managers must contend with marginally aligned talent requirements, unexpected disappearances after joining, job hopping, and other retention challenges.

How Can Talent Solutions Be Used to Address These Issues?

In many ways, the best way to address the issue of hiring freshers is through having a robust and strategically designed “ Future Ready talent solution” Plan. The broad term “Future Ready Talent Solutions” encompasses everything from strategic sourcing, establishing necessary partnerships with campuses, screening and evaluating for hiring, and building a holistic pre and post hiring training plan which helps hire trained talent and nurturing to align with the immediate and future talent needs of the organization.

Onboarding and retaining top talent are challenging enough. However, by giving these responsibilities to an experienced talent partner who can holistically manage the hire and train solutions will enable businesses to ensure access to competent resources.

But how exactly do these solutions address the challenges of hiring freshers? Let’s take a quick look.

Understanding of Role and Creating a holistic development plan Development Plan

In the typical hiring process, candidates are invited to apply for a position, and the recruiter then sorts through the stacks of submissions. However, a strategic talent partner like Pierian will first comprehend the nuances of the role before developing a plan that includes the skills needed and the trajectory of the role’s growth. This would provide a clear roadmap for strategic sourcing and screening that would determine who can fill the role and the future talent development needs for the position.

Skills and Performance Evaluation

A crucial part of such engagement is holistic development to meet the immediate and future skill needs. Pierian Services hosts and enables training of the new resource for a period of 12 – 18 months, allowing the client to assess the employee’s abilities and performance while they are working at various levels. This makes it easier to find employees who best fit the company’s requirements and who can contribute to its corporate culture. This home-grown talent pool lives up to expectations and, thus, contributes to the organization’s bottom line.

Lower Churn Rate

A higher retention rate is integral to running a sustainable business – precisely what Talent Solutions help businesses achieve. You identify talent based on your needs, and because these resources are engaged holistically, the turnover rate is low. Besides, the time between employees leaving the company and new employees being hired in their place is also reduced thanks to effective talent management.

In a Nutshell

Future Ready Talent management is a crucial component of human resource management and working with a talent partner is a great way to overcome the difficulties of hiring freshers. 

Reach out to us if you’re looking for a comprehensive talent management solution. At Pierian Services, we look into your needs and assist you with a fantastic pool of young and talented individuals.


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